Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 12:09pm
2019 AERA Award Winners

In addition to the large group of IHE faculty and students who presented papers at the AERA conference in Toronto (April 5-8), Noble Jones (PhD 2018) received the 2019 Outstanding Dissertation Award from AERA's Division J, and Associate Professor Tim Cain was recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer for 2018 for his work with Review of Educational Research.

Friday, April 5

  • Andrew Crain - A Critical Systematic Review of Rurality and Higher Education

Saturday, April 6

  • Amy Stich & Kristin Cipollone - The Long Shadow of Democratization: Paradox and the Production of Shadow Capital
  • Andrew Crain, Karen Webber & Rebecca Perdomo -  STEM Across Space(s): Assessing the Role of Locale in the STEM Pipeline”
  • Melissa Whatley & Amy Stich - Restricting Opportunity or Providing Access? A Qualitative Content Analysis of Study Abroad Websites
  • Amy Stich - Recruited, Admitted, Tracked, Denied: The Racist Lineage of Postsecondary Practices and Policies in "Postracial" America”

Sunday, April 7

  • R. Mitic, Greg Wolniak & L. Davis - Upwardly Mobile and Global: Predicting Study Abroad Participation Among Scholarship Recipients from Adverse Backgrounds
  • Lindsey Hammond & A. Lyke - Spatial Analysis of Community College Student Retention
  • Greg Wolniak & M. Muskens - Undermatching and Affective Development During the First Year of College: A Longitudinal Study of College Students in the Netherlands

Monday, April 8

  • M.N. Shafiq, A. Valerio &  Rob Toutkoushian - Who Benefits From Higher Education in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Nathan Moore & Rachel Burns - Ceremonial Isomorphism or Rational Decision Making? Examining Public University Adoption of Officers for Economic Development
  • Greg Wolniak, M. Engberg & R. Mitic - Cultivating Graduate Education Aspirations



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