FDIG is open to faculty members who:

  • teach at public or private and technical institutions in Georgia;
  • are nominated by their respective college presidents;
  • receive a year's leave of absence to study, with the provision that they return for at least a year's teaching after their leave is completed; and
  • have been admitted to a doctoral program at the University of Georgia.

Nomination Procedures

  • Presidents of institutions must identify interested and qualified members of their faculty concerning Faculty Development in Georgia.
  • Presidents must submit letters of nomination by February 1.
  • All Graduate School admission procedures must be completed by March 15 (including Graduate Record Examination results).
    Graduate Admissions
    320 E. Clayton St., Suite 400
    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602-4401
    (706) 542-1739
    Email: gradadm@uga.edu

Criteria for Selection

  • a strong and cogent president's nomination;
  • teaching competence and academic potential as demonstrated by success in teaching, previous academic record, and other evidence;
  • the instructional needs of the nominee's college;
  • standing in competition with other candidates; and
  • distributional consideration of the total group.

Assistantship awards for Faculty Development in Georgia will be announced in the spring. Letters of nomination and requests for further information should be submitted to:

  • Dr. Libby V. Morris
    Institute of Higher Education
    Meigs Hall
    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602-6772
    (706) 542-3464
    (706) 542-7588 (facsimile)

In addition to filling out the UGA Graduate School online application you must also complete our online application. This area is password protected, please contact Megan Waters to receive your password.