Project Personnel 

Karen Webber, Professor, Institute of Higher Education, UGA, Principal Investigator 

Amy Stich, Asst. Professor, Institute of Higher Education, UGA; co-Principal Investigator 

David Tanner, Assoc. Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Governance, UGA, Other Personnel 

Jerry Shannon, Assoc. Professor, Geography, UGA, Other Personnel 


Advisory Committee 

Ana Baida; Executive Director, Career Development, Kennesaw State University

Stephen Brown, Director, Center for Career & Professional Development, Mercer University 

Andrea Comsa, Director Co-op and Experiential Education, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Shed Dawson, Director, Career Services, Savannah State University 

Matthew Hora, Asst. Professor, Liberal Arts & Applied Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison 

Carla Jordan, Interim Director, Career Opportunities, Valdosta State University 

Marguerite Madden, Professor & Director of Center Geospatial Research, UGA 

Bayne Smith, Senior Vice President, KCI Technologies, Inc. 

Scott Williams, Executive Director, Career Center, UGA 


Graduate Assistants 

Amanda Aragon, Doctoral Student, Geography, UGA 

Collin Case, Doctoral Student, Institute of Higher Education, UGA 

Matthew Grandstaff, Doctoral Student, Institute of Higher Education, UGA 

Elizabeth Ndika, Doctoral Student, Institute of Higher Education, UGA 


Survey Assistance from CVIOG/UGA Survey Research & Evaluation Center, Theresa Wright, Director