Summer 2020

  • Discuss project strategies and timeline with Advisory Committee
  • Begin design of survey instrument and interview protocol

Fall 2020

  • Develop and pilot the finalized version of the survey instrument
  • Develop and pilot the employer and student interview protocols
  • Gather data from institutional Career Centers
  • Map the preliminary geospatial data and begin the data collection process¬†

Spring 2021

  • Administer Year One survey to students¬†
  • Observe institutional career fairs
  • Begin the interview process with employers and recruiters
  • Finalize data collection for geospatial analyses
  • Transcribe and analyze qualitative data

Summer & Fall 2021

  • Continue observing career fairs
  • Clean survey responses and begin the quantitative analysis
  • Plan to begin presenting initial findings

Spring 2022

  • Distribute Year Two Survey
  • Complete interviews with students (sampled from Year One)
  • Ongoing analysis of data, culminating with the integration of research findings

Summer & Fall 2022

  • Continued integration of survey data, interviews, and geospatial analysis
  • Submit conference proposals and finalize publications