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Grant Extension Adds Fourth Year to College Experience Project

Greg Wolniak

The Horatio Alger Association awarded Greg Wolniak a nearly $100,000 extension to capture changes in students over four years of higher education.

The project focuses on the 2017 entering freshman class of Horatio Alger Scholars through the end of their spring semester of their fourth year of college (or four years after starting college) in 2021. 

The project builds on the team's prior research on the 2017 Scholars conducted during their first, second, and third years of college, by collecting new data on their experiences, choices, and career attitudes at the completion of four years of college. 

In combination with the data previously collected, the new data will enable the examination of Scholars’ postsecondary and career trajectories, highlighting how educational activities and perceptions change over time in college as Scholars embark on their transition into the workforce and/or graduate education.

The additional follow-up data at the conclusion of the fourth year of college will provide a unique opportunity to track the trajectories of Scholars over their full four years of college. 

These data will facilitate new understandings of the influences of educational experiences, and access to (and use of) Association resources, in relation to educational and career success. The study will seek to include employment activities, financial security, and overall quality of life information from Scholars who are no longer be enrolled in college (due to early graduation, dropout, or stop out).

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Associate Professor of Higher Education
Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 3:32pm

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