Monday, March 9, 2020 - 8:38am

Several higher education conference scheduled for this spring have canceled their physical meeting components. Those students and faculty who had made reservations and paid registrations through an approved travel authority already are instructed to cancel their travel plans, seeking refunds or vouchers from all vendors. Christina is available to answer your questions.

  • AEFP via Zoom (March 19-21) All sessions will be accessible via Zoom. You can find the links for each session in two places: through the AEFP website and through the AEFP app. Follow on Twitter at #AEFP2020

See AEFP site for more information and technical assistance:

  • AERA will now be a virtual conference with papers and discussions shared online. Reservations made through the conference site or at conference hotels should not incur any cancellation fees.

See AERA site for more information.

  • CSCC (April 2) has been canceled

See CSCC COVID-19 news for more information:

  • AIR in New Orleans (May 24-26) - please monitor AIR page closely if you plan to attend: 

See AIR site for more information:

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