Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 12:27pm
ASHE participants

The theme of this year's ASHE virtual conference is "Advancing Full Participation," and the IHE community has responded in a big way. Check out the sessions below. More information at

IHE is a proud ASHE 2020 breakout room sponsor.

Preconference Programming

  • The Landscape of Performance-Based Funding Policies (Paper co-written by Alex Cassell, MEd 2019, et al.)
  • PBF Policy Design and College Access and Selectivity (Paper co-written by Kelly Rosinger, PhD 2015, et al.)

Wednesday, November 18

  • Excellence and Equity? A Comparative Study of Inclusivity and Honors Colleges in Public Universities (Paper by Amy Stich, Elizabeth Ndika & Matt Dean)
  • Why Do Faculty Become Administrative Leaders? Academic Capitalism in STEM-Centered Units (Paper by Jarrett Warshaw, PhD 2016, et al.)
  • “Hand up” or “Hand out?”: Belief systems of Georgia’s Workforce Development Policymakers (Paper by Lindsey Hammond, PhD 2020)
  • Local Promise Program Effects on Community College Revenues: Variation across Program-Design Characteristics (Paper by Denisa Gandara, PhD 2016 & Meredith Billings, postdoctoral associate, 2018-2019)
  • State Authorization Landscape and Process: An inventory, classification, and analysis (Paper by Erik Ness & Sean Baser)
  • Retrenchment: A Key Issue for the “Key Profession” (Paper by Tim Cain & Erin Leach)
  • Presidents as Agents of Connection: An Exploratory Study of University Presidential Ties 2005-2015 (Paper by Sondra Barringer, postdoctoral associate, 2013-2014 & Karley Riffe, PhD 2018)
  • Prestige and Emulation in Strategic Action Fields: An Analysis of the Association of American Universities (Paper by Jenn May-Trifiletti & Nathan Moore, PhD 2020)
  • Understanding Rural Access Policy Design: A Comparative Case Study Approach (Paper by Andrew Crain, PhD 2020)
  • Personal, Impersonal and All of the Above: Which Components of the Admission Application Matter Most in Particular Institutional Contexts? (Paper by Barrett Taylor, PhD 2012, Kelly Rosinger, PhD 2105, et al.
  • No Deposit Required: Impact of Enrollment Deposit Waiver on Low-Income Student Summer Melt (Paper by Dennis Kramer, PhD 2014, et al.)
  • College Student Diversity and Graduation Rates (Paper by Rob Toutkoushian)
  • Student Employment and College Completion: The Varying Effects Between Race and Institution Level (Paper by Maurice Shirley, postdoctoral associate, 2019-2020)

Thursday, November 19

  • Institutional Priorities for Faculty: A Content Analysis of University Strategic Plans (Paper co-written by Karley Riffe, PhD 2018, et al.)
  • Who is Sharing Shared Governance?: An Analysis of University Committees (Paper co-written by Karley Riffe, PhD 2018, et al.)
  • Ties to the Core: Mapping Academic Boundaries in the Modern Research University (Paper co-written by Sondra Barringer, postdoctoral associate, 2013-2014, et al.)
  • Assessing the Role of Geographic Context in Transfer Student Success (Paper by Melissa Whatley, PhD 2019, Andrew Crain, PhD 2020, et al.)
  • Resources, Reputation, and Access: Exploring the Effects of Offering On-Campus Housing at Community Colleges (Paper by Jenn May-Trifiletti)
  • Identifying and Reengaging Students with Some College, No Degree: Initial Results and Projections from a National Initiative (Paper co-written by Paul Rubin, PhD 2017 et al.)
  • Partisanship and the Balance Wheel: Exploring the Influence of Political Conditions in a Time-Tested Hypothesis (Paper co-written by Barrett Taylor, PhD 2012, et al.)
  • Funding public higher education fairly: Evaluating the transferability of K12 school finance frameworks to the higher education context (Paper co-written by Denisa Gandara, PhD 2014, et al.)

Friday, November 20

  • The Role of Prior Adversity in Career Development: A Mixed-Methods Study of First-Year College Students (Paper by Grace Covello, Greg Wolniak & Amy Stich)
  • Crime and Persistence: The Effect of Local Crime on College Transfer Rates (Paper co-written by Dennis Kramer, PhD 2014, et al.)

Saturday, November 21

Behind the Scene: Exploring Mechanisms for College Access through Early Admission Policies in Four-year Universities (Paper by Hee Jung Gong)

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