Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 11:05am
Denisa Gandara

Denisa Gándara (PhD 2016) was quoted in two articles at the end of July on tuition in the pandemic: one in the Washington Post and another in Education Dive.  

The Post article, "Discount, Freeze or Increase? How Universities are Handling Tuition this Fall," addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by higher education institutions and share some approaches implemented across the US. "We can't talk about prices without talking about costs," said Gándara.

The article in Education Dive, "Tuition reductions take off as coronavirus shapes colleges' fall plans," focuses on the differences between institutions and their dependence on tuition. "Decisions to lower advertised tuition prices likely weren't made lightly, especially among heavily tuition-dependent private colleges," said Gándara. She notes that prestigious private colleges might "rely on tuition for only about 15% of their revenue, whereas the average for their less-affluent peer institutions is about 30%."

Gándara is an assistant professor of higher education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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