Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 12:37pm
Greg Wolniak

Greg Wolniak joined colleagues at the University of Iowa and Montana State University to examine the various residual benefits of the college experience. The team's findings and paper, "The Post-Collegiate Influence of Undergraduate Experiences: Intellectual, Civic, and Psychological Outcomes," was featured in an article in the Daily Iowan on December 9.

The study pulled data from a sample of over 20,000 college graduates to find short- and long-term advantages of college and quantified these benefits in non-financial means. According to lead researcher, Nicholas Bowman, “[This research] shows the importance of an educated workforce and society, even if it isn’t as apparent in how much money you make."

Wolniak commented on the impact on students, "...[H]aving instructors who engage them, challenge them, and expose them to new ideas and assignments pays dividends [to undergraduates] well beyond the college years and in ways that extend beyond career success.” 

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