Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 11:15am

A new article by Paul Rubin (PhD 2017) and Erik Ness is available online from Higher Education Policy. The research appeared in the Online First site on July 8.

"State Higher Education Governing Agencies and the Knowledge Brokering Process: Investigating Their Role as Multi-facing Organizations in the United States" considers how state agencies use and screen information in the policy process and the potential role of statewide agencies as knowledge brokers to policymakers.

They focus their examination on state agencies in three states (Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas) to better understand the influence of these organizations, specifically, on statewide college completion-related policies.

In the article abstract, Rubin and Ness describe their methodology as "rounded by principal–agent theory," and they seek to "contribute to an emergent conceptual framework of the information flow process around state-level higher education policymaking in the United States."

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