Monday, December 2, 2019 - 3:41pm
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The Institute was well represented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education annual conference in Portland, November 13-16. Faculty, students, former post-docs, and alumni presented and led discussion groups.

Wednesday, November 13
9:30 am – Austin Lyke (MEd 2017) - Effects of California's Online Education Initiative (Paper presentation)
1:30 pm – Sean Baser & Erik Ness – Interest Groups in America Higher Education: Past, Present, and the Future (Paper presentation)
3:00 pm – Lindsey Hammond & Erik Ness - “There is No Equal”: A Comparative Case Study of Completion Policy Non-adoptions in the Carolinas (Paper presentation)

Thursday, November 14 
12:45 pm – Jonathan Turk (PhD 2016) - Talking About Race: The State of Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education and Implications for Future Research (Interactive symposium) 
12:45 pm – Joy Blanchard (PhD 2008) - Substance Use, Sexual Violence, and the Culture Surrounding College Sports: What the Clery Act Tells Us (Paper presentation)
12:45 pm – Dennis Kramer (PhD 2014) - The Differential Effects of Default Choice on Student Loan Borrowing: Comparing Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Paper presentation)
2:15 pm – Dominique Quarles (PhD 2019) -  It's Not Me, It's You!:  Divorcing the Actor-Less Narrative of Imposter Syndrome (Interactive symposium) 
3:45 pm – Ashley Clayton (former post-doc) & Meredith Billings (former post-doc) - A “Bridge" to College Opportunities: The Role and Advising Strategies of Near-Peer College Advisers (Paper presentation)
3:45 pm – Greg Wolniak - The Post-Collegiate Influence of Higher Education: Intellectual, Civic, and Psychological Outcomes (Paper presentation)

Friday, November 15
8:15 am – Hee Jung Gong -  Does the Early Bird Catch the Worm?: The Impact of Early Application on College Student Outcome (Roundtable discussion)
8:15 am – Rachel Perdomo - Prestige-Seeking in Higher Education: The Case of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (Roundtable discussion)
8:15 am – Jonathan Turk (PhD 2016) - A Dose-Response Approach to Evaluating the Impact of Developmental Math on College-Level Math Completion (Roundtable discussion)
8:15 am – Paul G. Rubin (PhD 2017) - Assessing the Climate for Transfer and Diverse Students in STEM (Poster session)
8:15 am – Ben Cecil - Experiential Learning in Student Affairs: A Pilot Study to Understand Participation in High-Impact Practices (Poster session)
10:45 am – Erin Leach - The Fractured "I:" an Autoethnographic Account of a Part-Time Doctoral Student's Experiences with Scholarly Identity Formation (Paper)
10:45 am – Brendan Cantwell (former post-doc) - Faculty Governance When Things Go Badly Wrong (Interactive symposium)
10:45 am – Paul G. Rubin (PhD 2017)- Unpacking Implementation Capacity and Contexts for Degree Reclamation Strategies (Paper)
10:45 am – Samaad Wes Keys (PhD 2014) - May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor: A Discussion on HBCUs, Accreditation, and Expanding Current Research (Interactive symposium)
10:45 am – Austin Lyke (MEd 2017) - Are Art Majors Gentrifiers? Exploring Residential Patterns by Bachelor's Degree Field of Study in U.S. Cities (Paper presentation)
10:45 am -- Jason Lee (PhD 2017) & Jeffrey Harding (PhD 2017) - Estimating the Effect of Losing the Federal Loan Subsidy on Debt Accumulation for Graduate and Law/Professional Students: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (Paper presentation)
12:45 pm – Joy Blanchard (PhD 2008) - Reimagining Critical Issues for College Student-Athletes (Interactive symposium)
12:45 pm – Maurice Shirley (Postdoc) - Work Matters: Understanding the Effects of Student Employment on College Completion for Black, Latinx, and White Students at Two-Year Institutions (Paper presentation)
12:45 pm – Jonathon Turk (PhD 2016)  - The Impact of Earning an Associate Degree Prior to Transfer on Bachelor's Degre Attainment and Early Labor Market Outcomes (Paper presentation)
12:45 pm – Angela Bell (PhD 2008) - Assessing the Impact of Education Abroad through a National Consortium (Paper presentation)
12:45 pm – Rebecca Perdomo & Jenn May-Trifiletti - Does Designation as a "Hispanic-Serving Institution" Affect Outcomes for Latinx and Other Underrepresented Minority Students? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis (Paper presentation)
2:15 pm – Karley Riffe (PhD 2018) - Not a Foregone Conclusion: Faculty Hiring at Regional Comprehensive Universities (Paper presentation)
2:15 pm – Dennis Kramer (PhD 2014) - A Gendered Response to Crime: Estimating the Impact of Campus and Community Crime on College Applications (Paper presentation)
3:45 pm – Kelly Rosinger (PhD 2015) - Nudging at a National Scale: Experimental Evidence from FAFSA Completion Campaigns (Paper presentation)
3:45 pm – Lori Prince Hagood (PhD 2017) - Paying for College: Employment and Borrowing in Response to Financial Aid Shifts (Paper presentation)
3:45 pm – Barrett Taylor (PhD 2012) & Brendan Cantwell (former post-doc)-  Faculty Work Within the System of Unequal Higher Education (Paper)

Saturday, November 16
12:00 pm – Andrew Crain - Understanding Rural College Choice: A Propensity Score Analysis (Paper)
12:00 pm – Ashley Clayton (former Post-doc) - Exploring College Transitions of Rural Students in STEM Majors (Paper)
12:00 pm – Dennis Kramer (PhD 2014) - Debt or Academic Preparation: The Impact of Florida's Remedial Education Policy on Median Student Debt Levels
12:00 pm – Kelly Rosinger (PhD 2015) - Problematizing and Reimagining College Access, Selective Admissions, and Enrollment Management Structures (Interactive symposium)
1:30 pm – Dominique Quarles (PhD 2019) - Soft Money, Hard Decisions: Understanding the Aftermath of Defunded Federal TRIO Programs (Paper presentation)
3:00 pm – Melissa Whatley (PhD 2019) - The Geography of (Dis)advantage: Spatial Inequality and Study Abroad in the Two-Year College Sector (Paper presentation)

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