Friday, May 24, 2019 - 8:05am

The Institute will be well represented at the Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum in Denver, May 28-31. Faculty, students, and alumni will be presenting and leading discussion groups.  

Wednesday, May 29
10:15 am - Lori Hagood (PhD 2017) - The Impact of a Momentum Course Load on Long-Term Student Outcomes (Speaker Session)

11:15 am - Karen Webber & Jillian Morn - Data Visualizations: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Discussion Group)

1:45 pm - Rachel Burns (PhD 2018) & Karen Webber - Borrowing for Postsecondary Education Among Veteran Students (Speaker Session)

Thursday, May 30
8:00 am - Karen Webber + four non-IHE folks - Analytics and Data-Informed Decision-Making in Higher Education (Discussion Group)

Thursday, 8:00 am - Jennifer May-Trifiletti - Intercollegiate Athletics Strategy: Trends and Tools for IR (Speaker Session)

Thursday, 8:00 am - Sean Baser & Lori Hagood (PhD 2017) - Responding to Policy Shifts in Dual Enrollment: Trends & Outcomes at USG (Speaker Session)

Thursday, 3:15 pm - Jennifer May-Trifiletti with others - 2018 NCES Data Institute Research Reports (Speaker Session)

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