Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 4:29pm
GCAC Fall 2018 Newsletter
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The fall 2018 newsletter highlights the outstanding work of the twenty-one GCAC college advisers who are increasing opportunites for 4,543 high school seniors this year. This adviser-produced newsletter is just one more way that GCAC college advisers leverage their time and skills to address issues of college access. Highlights are listed below.

Goals: The College Advising Corps has identified eight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are strongly tied to increases in college enrollment.

Engagement: One-on-one meetings are a top priority of the Georgia College Advising Corps. The program’s advisers have met with an average of 90 percent of seniors in one-on-one meetings.

College Exposure: Advisers plan field trips to expose their students to colleges that fit them academically and match their personal and financial needs.

Test Registration: GCAC advisers ensure their students register, prepare, and complete college entrance exams.

College Applications: Advisers encourage students to submit at least three applications, including applications to reach, target, and safety schools.

FAFSA Submissions: Well-trained GCAC advisers give incentives to students to encourage FAFSA submissions.

Parent Engagement: The GCAC advisers work hard to engage families, having met with 1,814 total family members in schools that are currently served.

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