Hee Jung Gong

Doctoral Student




Hee Jung Gong is a doctoral student at the Institute of Higher Education and works as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Toutkoushian. She received two bachelor's degrees with a minor degree, graduating with academic honors from Sook-Myung Women's University in South Korea. She then earned a master's degree in education, focused on higher education, from Yonsei University in South Korea.

Prior to beginning her doctoral study at the IHE, she worked in a research position at the Center for Global Higher Education at Yonsei University and the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). Also, Hee Jung was a doctoral intern for assessment and research in the Department of Student Affairs Assessment and Staff Development at UGA for the 2016-17 academic year. Her research interests include college access issues, student engagement, and economic and financial issues in higher education. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the field of education in South Korea and has presented at the ASHE conference in the US since 2012.