Elizabeth Simonetti

EdD, 2002


IHE alumna Elizabeth Simonetti served as a pharmacist in a medical dispensary in Togo, West Africa. Her role at the clinic was to help the medical staff optimize therapy. “The biggest service I instituted was reconstituting oral antibiotics with distilled water. . . . Most of the patients had no access to clean, filtered water, so I created a system where we used distilled water created in our laboratory to reconstitute the antibiotic powder” explains Simonetti.

Since coming back to the U.S., Simonetti has begun a new nonprofit organization, Multiply the H.A.R.V.E.S.T., which allows her to use key aspects of her career–education, health care and pharmacy, nonprofit management, business, fundraising, languages–to provide economic development in Togo.  

Her consulting company, Oak Hill Consulting, LLC focuses on providing strategic planning and communications, fundraising, and team development to nonprofit organizations.