Randy Swing

PhD, 1998


As executive director of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) from 2007 to 2016, Randy Swing oversaw an organization with over 4,000 members and net assets of around $5.5 million. The broad mission of the association is to build capacity for using data to improve higher education. Now Randy works as a change management leader in higher education and professional associations, working currently as a consultant and adviser to several higher education organizations - both nonprofit and for-profit.

“My goal,” explains Swing, “is to ensure that institutional researchers have the skills to use data effectively, know about the latest tools and techniques for working with data, and understand the larger social and political context that shapes higher education.”

Even during tough economic times, AIR thrives. “We are growing at an astonishing rate,” says Swing. “The world-wide focus on quality assurance for postsecondary education has greatly expanded the need for data and data-informed decisions.”

 “My degree from IHE and position at AIR afford me nearly unlimited possibilities. Many of my basic assumptions about higher education have been challenged by my work in Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Scotland, England and Australia,” said Swing.