Mark Kavanaugh

PhD, 2009


Mark Kavanaugh is senior executive aid to the provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Kavanaugh formerly worked as a policy analyst for Senator Judith Zaffirini, the second highest ranking Texas state senator and chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee. He was responsible for ensuring Senator Zaffirini’s bills make it through committee, have adequate support in the House of Representatives, and have the backing of the state’s political leadership. It was also his responsibility to ensure that Senator Zaffirini is kept up to date on recent, relevant research and nationally recognized best practices.

His law degree already in hand before attending IHE, Kavanaugh thought that the legislative process would be a good use of his talents, but he did not expect to work directly for a politician. “I was fortunate to work for someone who has such extensive legislative experience and who legitimately cares about higher education in Texas.”