Manuel González Canché

Associate Professor of Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and Adjunct Associate Professor of Higher Education


Ph.D., University of Arizona


Manuel S. González Canché is the 2016 recipient of the Association for the Study of Higher Education’s Promising Scholar/ Early Career Award. His research follows two different, yet interconnected paths. The first can be broadly classified into issues of access, persistence, and success, with emphasis on institutional sector effects on student’s outcomes. The second focuses on higher education finance, with emphasis on spatial modeling and student college choice and migration.

González Canché’s research employs quasi-experimental, spatial econometric, and data-visualization methods, including geographical information systems, representation of real-world networks, and text mining techniques. In related work, he aims to harness the mathematical power of network analysis to find structure in written content and is proposing an analytic method (Network Analysis of Qualitative Data) that blends quantitative, mathematical, and qualitative principles to analyze text data – an approach yet to be broadly implemented in education research.

As a first-generation college student and graduate himself, González Canché has a special research interest in factors and policies enhancing underrepresented students’ opportunities for educational success. His findings challenge traditional ideas about the negative impacts of community college enrollment on subsequent educational attainments. He has secured funding for research from the Spencer Foundation, the American Education Research Association/National Science Foundation, the Association for Institutional Research and the Institute of Education Sciences.

Selected Publications

Network Analysis of Qualitative Data
Financial Benefits of Rapid Student Loan Repayment: An Analytic Framework Employing Two Decades of Data
Network Analysis of Qualitative Data (NAQD): Putting Knowledge to Action to Achieve the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity
Geographical Network Analysis and Spatial Econometrics as Tools to Enhance Our Understanding of Student Migration Patterns and Benefits in the U.S. Higher Education Network
Community College Scientists and Salary Gap: Navigating Socioeconomic and Academic Stratification in the U.S. Higher Education System
Use of Visual Displays in Research and Testing: Coding, Interpreting, and Reporting Data
Advances in Multilevel Modeling for Educational Research: Addressing Practical Issues Found in
Real-World Applications