Lisette Montoto

PhD, 2013


Lisette Montoto is working with International Studies Abroad, Inc. (ISA) in Austin, Texas, as curriculum oversight director. She works with the executive vice president of academic affairs to design curricula and conduct thorough and continuous assessment of curricula at all ISA sites (currently over 30 program sites in 17 countries). Periodically, she travels to U.S. universities to meet with faculty and academic officials and also travels to ISA sites to meet with potential partners, carry out research related to program development, edit agreements, assist with negotiations, and train ISA personnel. Prior to accepting her job with ISA, Lisette received a 2008-09 UGA graduate school dissertation completion award to study the ways U.S. institutions of higher education are developing new strategies for growth abroad.  She spent a year in the Republic of Panama examining the process by which U.S. programs and degrees are exported for her dissertation research. Lisette received her Ph.D. from the Institute of Higher Education in 2013.