Chuck Ambrose

EdD, 1989


Chuck Ambrose began a new chapter in his life.  After spending 12 years as president of North Carolina’s Pfeiffer University, fall semester 2010 marked the beginning of his new presidency at the University of Central Missouri.

Dr. Ambrose feels that there is no question that his experiences at IHE helped prepare him for the challenges faced by a university president. “The breadth of courses and focus within those courses have provided value across every position that I have held,” says Ambrose. “Most importantly, relationships with faculty and staff at both the Institute and the University of Georgia have and will continue to be the greatest value of my experience there.”

“If you are energized by the pace of change that higher education is leading and responding to, there has never been a time that innovative and creative leadership was more required to affect educational effectiveness and strategic leadership,” explains Dr. Ambrose.