Angela Bell

PhD, 2008


Angela Bell is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Policy Analysis for the University System of Georgia. Before returning to Georgia, Dr. Bell served as the Chancellor for Policy and Planning at the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC), which is responsible for developing, establishing, and overseeing the implementation of a public policy agenda for the state's four-year colleges and universities. It is charged with oversight of higher education institutions to ensure they are accomplishing their missions and implementing the provisions set by state statute.

Previously, Angie served as a research and planning analyst at WVHEPC where she was responsible for preparing the budget projections to be used in policy decisions regarding the state’s major financial aid programs.

“Working for a state agency is rewarding and interesting,” says Bell. “I appreciate participating in projects that have an immediate impact on decisions made by the Policy Commission and the legislature. My work is seen and used as objective expertise by policymakers.”

Bell has conducted academic research on topics that are germane to higher education in West Virginia. Bell credits the IHE for helping to prepare her to excel. “The Institute courses I had taken in finance, policy, state systems and stratification, as well as research methods courses, all provided a solid background, which I drew on in my application materials and interviews.”